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The DSR is not just raw performance and muscle. True to DYE’s design theory, the DSR’s ergonomic comfort is second to none with features including the UL Frame hourglass design and dual density full wrap Sticky Grips with precisely layered micro-texture that provide ultimate comfort. The updated TruCam AirportEdge1 trigger, and new Core DYE Barrel give you total control over the powerful new DSR. DYE’s craftsmanship is unmistakable in the DSR from the endless performance features to the crisp strong lines that race uninterrupted across the low profile DSR body with no bulky plates or exposed screws. The 3rd Generation Eye Pipe SystemQuick Release Bolt, and Free Wire Connectors make service effortless, while the Method Operating System and OLED screen provide intuitive operation for fine tuning. The all-new ARC Bolt is DYE’s cutting-edge engine that delivers amazing performance in a robust, reliable package. Optimized flow paths, independent valve control, air supply cut off, and nearly zero chamber expansion are all critical to the ARC’s outstanding air efficiency. The ultra-low 115 operating pressure ensure a smooth, quiet, and accurate shot that is extremely gentle on paint. The DSR is a sleek, compact, and efficient machine built to outperform and outlast the competition. 



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