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DYE UL Air Tank 1.2L Ergo

DYE UL Air Tank 1.2L Ergo

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DYE UL Air Tank 1.2L Ergo. (approx. 73CI)

Much better features than the tanks in the market:

23% More Air, 25 % LIGHTER than standard 68ci.

Be amazed by the extremely light weight with more air volume for your games!

- Ultralite Air Tank Technology
- Aramid Carbon Fiber Braid.
- Epoxy Matrix allows storage of high pressure gases.
- Ultralight Polymer.
- PET Liner protects against corrosion.
- 3X times lighter than the steel cylinder.
- High Resistance to gas temperature

Technical Spec.:

  • Weight: 0.69 kg
  • Work Pressure: PW 300 bar
  • Length: 245 mm
  • O.D.: 102 mm
  • Final: 15 years
  • Retest Every: 5 years

 * This tank does not include a regulator.

Dye/Safer Exclusive

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